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by Piotr Jabłoński

Nice creativity!

Great article from Teresa Caro, Vice President of Social Marketing, Engauge. 

What’s your social engagement strategy? 

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing 

Great material to help with your social marketing strategy. 


By merging data from cars’ onboard computers and drivers’ smart phones, AT&T researchers have created a system that reports on drivers’ real-time behavior and long-term driving trends—and reveals whether a particular mistake might have been caused by phone use.

via singularitarian:

Spread the word!  Express your talented side! Check him out…. 

Social Media Marketing strategies 101

Here’s some good insight for companies looking to ad social media to their marketing plans. Understanding social media and it’s impact on traditional marketing should be number one. Defining social media beyond Facebook and Twitter is equally important. I found this Video on Youtube.  It breaks down social media marketing strategies by identifying different social media channels beyond the ones we all know. Check it out and tell me what you think..

-The Creative Alien- 

Great article about the percentage of video content being use in social marketing. What do you think about the use of video to strengthen Social marketing strategies?

Click the link for more information 
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What’s behind Ford Social?  

Scott Monty talks about Ford Motors social media strategy